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1440 {19} :: From the Kettle to the Fire

*Apologies for this late posting; my internet was down. Again. :/

+  I hope you and your family enjoyed a wonderful day together yesterday. It was just my immediate family here, and it was quietly nice. 🙂 I cooked and baked all day, and it was anything BUT paleo, but it was full of holiday tradition. Several times throughout the day I thought, I should grab my camera, but just couldn’t muster up the motivation…
+  Annnnnd then, just like that, we jump from the kettle to the fire! I am so excited for this Christmas season, and it starts today at the Christopher homestead. After our annual post pig-out workout at the gym, Lexi and I will decorate as much as we can while the boys are all busy with work and play. This evening is Lexi’s first Nutcracker performance for the 2012 season. I took many photos during dress-rehearsal {I’ve found that it’s the perfect opportunity to take photos, both onstage and backstage~then I can just settle in and enjoy her performance when that night arrives. And, I won’t have to break any rules and get caught with my long lens!}

These photos were taken outside the convention center where Lexi will perform tonight. Gatlinburg is fully decked out for the Christmas season already. These Santas reminded me of those they decorated with when I was little. {Cue Austin:: You mean Santa was around when you were little? Ha! Smarty.} They conjure up such wonderful childhood memories of Christmas for me. I hope that we are creating the same for our littles who aren’t so little any more. 


I hope you get to create some new memories with your family and friends this weekend.

And I just wanted to tell you once more, I am truly grateful you are here.



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  • November 23, 2012 - 1:25 pm

    Lisa @ Two Bears Farm - Great pics. I love the first santa picture!

  • November 24, 2012 - 5:34 am

    Jessica@SweatIsMySanity - Sophia and I just got back from the Nutcracker and for the first time in 4 times going, I was totally disappointed. Maybe it was a mistake to go opening night since they hadn’t had a chance to get down just right or maybe it was our super close seats, but there were a lot of mistakes. I know I told you the other day I saw no reason to spend the big money to go down to Phoenix but I think next year we will. I wish I could watch Lexi perform, I thought of her as I watched the dancers tonight. I’m sure she rocked it. xo, Jess

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