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Monthly Archives: June 2010


my neighbors’ yard

Come, let’s take a walk through my neighbors’ yard. It’s really something toView full post »


restoring jane: pilates priciples {centering, concentration}

“Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.” ~ Joseph Pilates There areView full post »


be ready to do something great

“In playing baseball, or in life, a person occasionally gets the opportunity to do somethingView full post »


there’s a shark in the water

I just can’t seem to get that song out of my head! Thought this might help. Have a wonderful weekend!! 🙂View full post »


diptych {water}

Cathy’s is on the left; mine, on the right. The theme is water. I have to remember to tellView full post »


after the rain

We secure the lines to prepare for the storm, Grab flip-flops and towels and run for the house. IView full post »


restoring jane: pilates part 1b

About Pilates Joseph Pilates was born in  Germany in the late 1800’s. He moved to England in 1912 and taughtView full post »


diptych {bOys}

Cathy’s is on the left; mine on the right. I had to giggle when I sawView full post »


remember to dance

It’s after eleven o’clock. We’re hot, exhausted and filthy after spending anView full post »


restoring jane: pilates, part 1

Joseph & Clara Pilates “This is the equivalent of an “internal shower”. As the spring freshnessView full post »


happy friday

Wishing you a bright and sunny weekend! ***** This will be the last The Way I See It’s forView full post »


diptych {vertical}

It’s Team-Up Thursday again! {Can’t believe how quickly the week passes…View full post »



As I drove him to the marina to pick up the truck, we talked like old friends. I am so grateful for this man whoView full post »


restoring jane: More Yummy Recipes

First, a more appropriate congratulations to Cate of Moments of Whimsy for winning my 2nd ever give-away, a new CookingView full post »


simple things

“To find the universal elements enough; to find the air and the water exhilarating; to be refreshed by aView full post »