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Monthly Archives: September 2010


Halloween Masquerade Party

You are cordially invited to my Halloween Masquerade Party, October 30th through NovemberView full post »


{rain falls angry on a tin roof}

I picture us standing there together alone in the middle of a field, sparkling in dew that never wets our toes, andView full post »


restoring jane: restoring me

I started running again. I’m ‘preparing’ for a race I ran last fall, unprepared. I think of it moreView full post »


diptych {faceless portrait}

Mine is on top; Cathy’s is on the bottom. Our theme: Faceless Portraits ***** ItView full post »


just sit there and look pretty

When she was little, they’d say to her, You’re so pretty! We’d smile, say thank-you… But asView full post »



It’s always happens like this, the realization. In the chaos of morning, I make the turn andView full post »


double diptych duo catch-up :)

Cathy’s in on top; mine is on the bottom. Our theme was “Black &View full post »


a kiss farewell {in a million pictures}

On Autumn’s eve, we put aside life, to enjoy life, to bid adieu to aView full post »


the other half

Moving along, chasing life, trying to keep up, stay up, stand up. Do thingsView full post »


to be still again

I just finished cutting up 3 melons 2 pounds of strawberries and a pineapple. I baked banana breadView full post »


diptych {numbers}

Cathy’s on top, mine on the bottom. Our theme is {numbers} ***** Tick-tock. Tick-tock.View full post »


1950’s housewife

Hair perfectly coiffed, nails manicured, heels and A-lined dress, apron pressed. Her smile asView full post »