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chasing the sun

She didn’t speak today. When I asked, she mouthed Because of the children in Africa who can’t talk. And this made no sense to me. Why not all children who can’t speak? Why not all children in Africa? Is it to recognize some sort of disease or disability? No, mom. For the children in Africa […]

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imperfect prose - April 29, 2011 - 4:04 am

oh patty…. why am i made to feel this, if i can’t affect it? to witness…

i am left silent by the beauty and the horror …. the beauty of your words and photos, and the horror of what those children endure. oh Lord, use us… that we might help others chase the sun. xo

Kala - April 29, 2011 - 6:53 am

The light is stunning in these images Patty.

And that is just heartbreaking.

Running Mama - April 29, 2011 - 8:19 pm

Beautiful post, breaks my heart.

Becky @ Farmgirl Paints - April 30, 2011 - 3:41 am

your blog is simply beautiful. thank you for such a touching post!

Joybird - April 30, 2011 - 5:56 pm

Oh, Patty…Why am I made to feel this
if I can’t affect it?

Yeah, so powerful…heartbreaking…love that your little one is using her voice for others and as always love the pics, especially the first one.

Polly - May 1, 2011 - 3:48 am

we could sure use a photographer on our trip to Uganda in June…

Being Readied » Finding Serendipity - May 5, 2011 - 11:02 am

[…] An internal storm rages, a constant tug of war, a battle of gratitude and helplessness. […]

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Photo a la {M}ode {11} :: Do-Over

ISO 125, f/4.0, 1/320, 120mm Today, we take a giant step back. Sometimes, “do-overs” are necessary to get things right. I started this because I want to learn how to rock my camera. I want to *make* it do the things it happens to do serendipitously sometimes. I read and read and read, self-educating, and […]

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Southern Gal - April 27, 2011 - 11:06 am

Yes!!! Thanks for starting over and allowing a week to play around with it. Now I need to pull out my manual (again) because I can’t remember how to change some of those settings. Oh, I hope I can do this.

Amy Avery - April 27, 2011 - 12:12 pm

For anyone who is new to Photo a la {M}ode, I can tell you that you are going to learn a lot from Patty! You already know she is a rock star photographer, but she is also an equally awesome teacher. I have been here from the get-go and I have definitly increased my photography skills in manual mode because of Patty’s tips and tutorials. I will NEVER shoot in auto again. Manual mode is not hard, but takes practice. It’s like learning to walk, talk, etc. It is a little unpretty and uncomfortable at first, but you get better day-by-day. So with that said, I hope those of you who are thinking about trying to learn your manual mode will take the plunge and do it! You CAN do it! And Patty is here to guide you a long the way! Thanks Patty! You know I love ya!

Running Mama - April 27, 2011 - 3:04 pm

Oh Patty, I SO need to get back to playing with manual mode!! I’m thinking when Sophia goes to school in a year, I’ll have a little quiet time to concentrate…hopefully sooner though! Manual mode IS dreamy.

Have a fabulous day my friend!

Ruth - April 27, 2011 - 3:59 pm

That was SUCH a great explanation Patty! You are amazing and your photos are incredible. I want so badly to learn how to rock my camera, but I am always in such a hurry to get too much done in too little time. Will you (and Running Mama) please come visit for a girls weekend and we can bond over mojitos by the pool and you can teach me everything you know? :-)

Lana - April 27, 2011 - 6:57 pm

You’re just so awesome….though I try not to have blog photo envy when I come to your site! πŸ˜‰

I learn SO MUCH from you.

I know i truly need to take more time with manual mode.

I love, love, LOVE the way that light can be controlled…..and in the end, it’s all about the light, isn’t it????

There’s a metaphor in there, I believe!!!

A late Happy Easter to you!!!!


Lizzi S. - April 28, 2011 - 2:22 am

After reading your wonderful post I want to be more intentional and brave with my manual photography, to explore more. I really like how you included artistic impression with each setting – I think it’s important to play around using settings that don’t produce a “traditional looking” photograph.

Cate - April 28, 2011 - 8:53 am

Very cool explanation Patty.

Think you’d better pop over and read my latest post….. πŸ˜‰

[…] though, and I’m hoping to share with you. First, this is what I told you a few weeks ago when I re-birthed Photo a la {M}ode: APERTURE. The aperture is the size of the opening of your lens, and is represented by […]

Spirit of Joy

There’s a spirit of Joy within me. Even when the world bares her atrocities, I fight to give her breath. ***** Sharing with Darcy 52 Weeks of Happiness ***** Please link with us here tomorrow for a manual mode carnival, Photo a la {M}ode

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Jessica - April 26, 2011 - 12:15 pm

Ahhhh, that photo is breathtaking. Love the yellow.

Secret Mom Thoughts - April 26, 2011 - 12:43 pm

Beautiful photo and flower.

JennyO - April 26, 2011 - 1:19 pm

Ohhh my I love this. Just beautiful!

Lizzi S. - April 26, 2011 - 2:33 pm

Love the softness here.

This photo makes me think I don’t have enough yellow in my life. It is such a happy and joyful colorful…your words fit your photo so well.

Lucy Romero - April 26, 2011 - 3:28 pm

This photo is stunning!

S. Etole - April 26, 2011 - 4:08 pm

both this and the poppy are gently breathtaking …

Sue Anderson - April 26, 2011 - 4:18 pm

Gorgeous, gorgeous photo!


Danyelle - April 26, 2011 - 4:34 pm

Beautiful shot!

Heather H - April 26, 2011 - 4:54 pm

Love that flower! Breathtaking! Such a beautiful shot!

Kelly - April 26, 2011 - 5:18 pm

Awwwwh love this picture… so soft and gentle :) Happy Tuesday!

Thauna - April 27, 2011 - 2:49 am

Beautiful!!! I love it. I haven’t seen any Irises yet this Spring….well I haven’t seen much of Spring yet.

deb @ talk at the table - April 27, 2011 - 4:45 pm


Restoring Jane :: Running for Fitness & Tips for New Runners

My favorite flower, stumbled upon during my latest run. Today’s Flower Monday Rewind ***** For some reason, I crave running this time of year. It’s a very short-term love, as once the heat really hits, I crave swimming. I know, I know… That attention deficit thing again. I’ve also notice some of my favorite people […]

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Running Mama - April 25, 2011 - 3:49 pm

Great tips Patty and thanks for the link up. With a new blog, I can use all the readers I can get. :) Come on over for today’s post where I profess my love for you. Have a fabulous week!

Southern Gal - April 25, 2011 - 4:45 pm

This was for me since my husband and I are just embarking on a running program. Let me just say I HATE running. I really do. I’m doing this for his health more than mine, BUT I’m enjoying improving my health. On the off days I try to do a fitness tape with calisthenics and free weights. The goal of a post or tree is what gets me through the running parts. I’m asking for an iPod. My husband is against it for the reasons you state, but I’m looking to have one plug in so I can hear. I’m hoping I can last through the hot southern weather coming on us fast. Thanks for sharing.

Laura Hegfield - April 25, 2011 - 6:14 pm

oh these are so gorgeous Patty…what a beautiful find.

deb @ talk at the table - April 25, 2011 - 6:30 pm

I love poppies.. you are ahead of us with blooms of course. I mentioned lilacs, but trust me , they are only little bitty teasers as yet.

Thanks for the mention re running. Your advice is fabulous.. I was just on some sites btw.. I want to make sure that I cross train, push through the quit quit quit screams.. and get some speed and hills in there. I was so disappointed to realize how much I’d regressed after not getting back into much after that car thing last summer, so I think setting the half marathon goal was perfect. It’s still far away, but I’m already getting back into my older (younger) better lifestyle.

Thanks for being a source of inspiration, logic, and overall beauty!!!

love to you.. and hope your weekend was good. I’ve been mostly unplugged so have much to catch up on usual. :)

Gina - April 25, 2011 - 10:39 pm

What a beautiful capture!! Thanks for linking up- sorry you were having trouble with the linky. I appreciate you trying!

Cate - April 26, 2011 - 2:58 am

I’m so NOT a runner, but greatly admire those who do πŸ˜‰

You’ll be proud of me though – I’ve been on the treadmill pretty consistently and am starting to feel much fitter.

On This Earth Day

I think that it strikes to the core of irony that we celebrate Earth Day around the anniversary of the worst oil spill in American history…. One that spewed up to 39 million barrels of crude oil -and other chemicals- into our waters, killing endangered turtles, marine and wildlife, destroying Gulf coast industry, and seeping […]

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Amy Avery - April 22, 2011 - 12:01 pm

Thank you Patty for bringing this to our attention. It is so easy for me to take for granted the “how” of so many conveniences that I use in my everyday life. I would have never guessed in a million years that my cell phone and lap top are made possible because of minerals mined in Africa. I am glad that Apple and Intel are making efforts to be more responsible, but you are correct in saying that doesn’t mean tha tit will stop the mining. After 50 years of living in this world in which things have increasingly become disposable, we are just now really understanding the grand effects of all of this on our Earth. I so appreciate you calling attention to Earth Day in your post today. We do recycle, we do try not to waste water and electricity, but we can definitely do so much more here at my house. Have a blessed day Patty and Easter weekend.

Laura Hegfield - April 22, 2011 - 9:11 pm

really important to remember Patty…thank you for this reminder…we take so much for granted at times. But we ARE responsible for all of Earth’s children as well as Earth herself.

Your photos are stunning as always…thank you for blessing us with a view through your lens.

Kala - April 25, 2011 - 4:28 am

Stunning captures! I love the flare in the 2 middle images and the tones in the top and bottom photos.

We only have one earth – I think people tend to forget that. Very sad.

Cate - April 26, 2011 - 2:53 am

Great, thought provoking post Patty, and that top pic took my breath away!

Thauna - April 27, 2011 - 2:47 am

Absolutely stunning photos!

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