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Monthly Archives: January 2012


to see

crisp cold air and chilly cheeks the smell of earth and gritty elbows and knees with focusView full post »


True Confessions:: A Mouse in The Sink

Yes. I know. I have a 4″ thick python in my house. That eats rats. That I have to buy. AndView full post »



bones aching, spirit weary i drop exhausted into this space, a cotton and silk caccoon of comfort and warmth andView full post »


Going Home

My son asked me today, Do you think of this {our house} as ‘home’, or grandma’s house? TruthView full post »


Friday Morning Coffee:: For the Love of Blogging

So, how are you? Busy holiday season, I know. Seems I can’t catch up with my feet. Still haveView full post »


31 Days to Nurture Her Self-Esteem, Continued

There’s something in the air, [or maybe a whispering in my soul]… a longing, [a yearning] a pull to doView full post »



I turned 47 Saturday. My family planned a beautiful celebration at a restaurant at the top of Beaver Creek MountainView full post »


out of the ordinary

Ever notice how when you step out of the ordinary, every thing becomesView full post »



We come to each other battered and broken, lugging baggage bursting withView full post »