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Monthly Archives: April 2012


Taking Time

 i used to take time to take pictures. stopping roadside, sun slipping up over the horizon, i wouldView full post »


Street Photography

 I spent the weekend inside a windeowless dance theater at my daughter’s dance competition.View full post »


A Week in The Life Of

Since I started using a smart phone in December, I find that I reach for it as a camera more than IView full post »


field of daisies, part 2

On the corner of a dusty old country road, lies a small abandoned farm field, surrounded by forestView full post »


wild iris

It’s a fact: I have a black thumb. Everything I try to grow, dies, and everything I try toView full post »


a field of daisies

i found a field of daisies. it’s amazing, and i can’t imagine that this is it’sView full post »


Caps and Gowns

Graduation, prom, formals, weddings… It’s that time of year again! {AndView full post »


Hakuna Matata

 She hopped into the car at ten minutes past ten, a brilliant ball ofView full post »


Restoring “Restoring Jane” :: CrossFit

After a long winter of travel and shoulder injury, and an early spring full of stress, I realizeView full post »