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Monthly Archives: May 2012



Do you remember being 13? It was the year I met my best friend. Who is still myView full post »


This Time of Year

It’s that time of year again… The water in the lake is getting higher, mornings areView full post »


Good Misty Morning!

There are some tiny, little sacred places on earth. This is one of them. This field, this vast,View full post »


A Little Bit of Glitter, part 2

“May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant toView full post »


A Little Bit of Glitter, part 1

A little bit of glitter And a little bit ofView full post »


To A Good Life

 There’s an empty house around the corner from my home. Family members arrive on occasion,View full post »


Paddle Boarding

 I think they finally found something to do together that they bothView full post »


If I Were a Gardener

I seem to have lost my words again. It happens every now and then, in my blogging life. ButView full post »


Preview of the Peony

I took the time to stop and shoot the flowers last week. 😉 They’ll be posted Thursday. Oh,View full post »