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31 Days {1} :: Nurturing {OUR} Self Esteem

Last year, at the last minute, I jumped on board the 31 Day Challenge that Nester hosts. We wereView full post »


31 Days to Nurture Her Self-Esteem, Continued

There’s something in the air, [or maybe a whispering in my soul]… a longing, [a yearning] a pull to doView full post »


31 Days {31!} :: Just Beginning

You would think after 31 days of anything, I would be over it. I’m not. In fact, this experience has fanned anView full post »


31 Days {30} :: Self-Esteem and Sports

She was in fourth grade. Every day was a bear. She said…. She did… They tried… IView full post »


31 Days {29} :: How Girls Bully & Suggestions To Stop It

Girls bully differently than boys. Girls are less obvious, more discrete. Alienation, ostracism,View full post »


31 Days {28} :: Self-Esteem and The Witness

“If we don’t involve bystanders, we can’t solve the problem. The most dangerous place in a school isView full post »


31 Days {27} :: Self-Esteem and The Bully

The Bully. She hurts others over and over again, and may use one or several different tactics to do so. She touches,View full post »


31 Days {26} :: Self-Esteem and The Bullied

Let’s start with the bullied; she is the most obvious of the triad. She is quiet andView full post »


31 Days {25} :: Alye

Breaks your heart, no? Fortunately, there was an out-pouring of support for Alye following this video post. IView full post »


31 Days {24} :: Self-Esteem and Bullying

Please skip or disregard ads. Selena Gomez, victim and activist against bullying What Girls Do A shake of the head, aView full post »


31 Days {23} :: Self-Esteem and Mothers

My best friend in graduate school invited me to her baptism. I walked in by myself and I sat and I watched and I tookView full post »


31 Days {22} :: Self-Esteem & Bullying – It Gets Better

Regardless of your politics, please watch. Listen carefully. Let’s tackle this tough issue of girl-bullyingView full post »


31 Days {21} :: Self-Esteem through Empowerment

Experts say that to feel empowered, we need positive self-esteem. I would add that by empowering, we nurtureView full post »


31 Days {20} :: A Wonderful Mother on ‘The Mother Cycle’, Humor, Gratitude and Self-esteem

We have lived a summer in a remote fishing village in Alaska.  One day several years ago, one of the villageView full post »


31 Days {19} :: Concisely

<a href=””View full post »