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Photo a la {M}ode {24} :: Laughter & New Beginnings

You just smiled big, didn’t you? What is it about babies’ belly laughs and seeing joyView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {23} :: Changes

These are the roses that I was pretending to take pictures of as he proposed to her. As I hid thereView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {22} :: Meet Mikayla, Senior Portraits

ISO 100, f/5.6, 1/80, 60mm Isn’t she gorgeous? Mikayla and her family are friends of ours,View full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {21} :: {Hello Again!}

ISO  400, f/16, 1/1250, 60mm It’s been a little crazy here. I have three posts in draft rightView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {20} :: Wordless Wednesday

ISO 320, f/3.2, 1/4000, 155mm Taken with a 70-300mm zoom from our boat. Summer seems a hard timeView full post »


Chaos and her friends

Chaos slips in disguised by music and conversation and movement… She andView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode 19 :: Self-Portrait

So I started this link-up as a way of sharing what I’m learning as I dove into a year-longView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {18}:: Bokeh & You

ISO 640, f/2.8, 1/100, 135mm Did you capture any good bokeh this week? Let’sView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {17} :: Bokeh

First, my deepest apologies for not being consistent last week… We’ve had some serious weather movingView full post »


photo a la {m}ode {16} :: knowing when not to

ISO 100, f/3.5, 1/125, 70mm How are you enjoying manual mode? Are you sticking with it? Hope so. ButView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {15} :: Take Better Photos with Any Camera

ISO 200, f/2.8, 1/8000, 70mm I guest posted at my friend Ruth’s blog yesterday, and I thoughtView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {14} :: Light Meter

This is a repost of Sure Signs of Spring. ISO 125, f/2.0, 60mm, 1/60 Oh the rains did come on Monday, but byView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {13} :: Shutter Speed

This week, we tackle the third part of the Exposure Triangle, shutter speed. In my introduction toView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode :: A Week Off

ISO 800, f/4.5, 1/1000, 70mm Begging your forgiveness, I need to sit out of the academic part ofView full post »


Photo a la {M}ode {13} :: Aperture

ISO 200, f/6.3, 1/160, 60mm Prior to loosing my mind growing brave and clicking over to manualView full post »