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What I Did for Love {or, 10 Ways to Make Your Loved Ones Feel Loved}

i asked my son, now 21, to text me when he arrived safely back to school, less than an hour away. iView full post »



We’ve had so much rain this summer, it seems unreal. The water in our reservoir lake is soView full post »


Unspoken Connection

“settle down, it’ll all be clear don’t pay no mind to the demons they fill youView full post »


Grace, and Authenticity

I struggled this year with the idea of Grace. Not God-grace, but maybe God-given grace…View full post »


January, And Happy Faces

Walter In 2009, and again in 2012, the people of Costa Rica were named the Happiest People on Earth,View full post »


Magic and Hope and Your Wildest Dreams

{My apologies! This post was scheduled to be published on New Years Day.} There’s always aView full post »


i see you dance

on the gossamer wings of dragonflies and hopeful wishes of dandelions onView full post »


Bringing it home and being real

I have a confession. Last night, this blog almost ceased toView full post »


They Paved Paradise and Confessions of a Lost Blogger

 Sometimes, we take pictures and don’t realize their significance untilView full post »


Throwing A Tantrum Your Mother Approves Of

 Oh, I know. You might be getting tired of these posts. Peaceful images of the lake, sun dancing onView full post »



Do you remember being 13? It was the year I met my best friend. Who is still myView full post »


Good Misty Morning!

There are some tiny, little sacred places on earth. This is one of them. This field, this vast,View full post »


Paddle Boarding

 I think they finally found something to do together that they bothView full post »


Hakuna Matata

 She hopped into the car at ten minutes past ten, a brilliant ball ofView full post »


A New Day

Breathe… In. {Breathe out.} It’s morning in the country and the sun is just peeping over the horizon.View full post »