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What Do You Believe?

 i can always find me here in this hallowed space  at the very beginning ofView full post »


Throwing A Tantrum Your Mother Approves Of

 Oh, I know. You might be getting tired of these posts. Peaceful images of the lake, sun dancing onView full post »


A Little Bit of Glitter, part 1

A little bit of glitter And a little bit ofView full post »


If I Were a Gardener

I seem to have lost my words again. It happens every now and then, in my blogging life. ButView full post »


Taking Time

 i used to take time to take pictures. stopping roadside, sun slipping up over the horizon, i wouldView full post »


{good morning}

There’s a certain peacefulness that comes at dawn… All of earth seems to draw her first wakeful breathsView full post »