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We Interrupt This Trip to Spain to Bring You the Fourth of July

It’s become a tradition that my husband’s family comes to visit for the week of JulyView full post »


The Beautiful Scene of a Crime

I’m skipping ahead just a bit… On the evening of our third night inView full post »


Turning It Upside Down

This girl… Her energy level is crazy. Or maybe I’m just gettingView full post »


The Text About To Be Written:: Pearls For Girls

There are few things in life that I am truly confident about. But this is one thing that I am sureView full post »


mixed media. artist?

Do you know what your passion is? *  I used to be anView full post »


winter sunsets

Winter sunsets here are beautiful. * Winter is my favorite. It seems the most real. Bare, raw,View full post »


A Love Dare and a Birthday

 She wasn’t even a year old and her dad had been gone half her life. He was in Bosnia,View full post »


A Different Kind of Morning

I’ve spent the last several months wandering, feeling a little lost. Feeling a little lessView full post »


Costa Rica, A Hike and A Swim, Adventure Day part 2

After spending the morning zip lining, and a delicious lunch back at Jungle Camp, we decided toView full post »


Costa Rica, Adventure Day in the Jungle, part 1

I know… feels like this trip will never end, right?  😉 It actually wentView full post »


And On The Way to Jungle Camp…

We left the comfort of our Bed and Breakfast in Turrialba on our third day. We loaded our bus andView full post »


The Nutcracker, One Last Time, I Think

Lexi had her final Nutcracker performance Monday, and I had some minor success with our pictures!View full post »


Nutcracker {3}, 2012

 Well. So much for all those pictures of dancers. That’s her, my youngest, in the middle ofView full post »


It’s all about the bokeh

As we waited for the Nutcracker to start, we wondered the streets of Gatlinburg. If ever you want toView full post »


Safety Dance

I waited almost a year to post these photos. When she is in her competitive season, I can’tView full post »