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The Consultant

A few years ago, I watched a mama helping her child do homework in the bleachers of a baseballView full post »


Surround Yourself

My daughter had a friend spend the night earlier this summer. This girl was visiting a friend in ourView full post »


{5} The Gift of Beauty

a bird in the shadows sparkle and light color andView full post »


{12} The Gift of Time

Do you remember, as a child, on the last day of school, summer stretched out a lifetime before you? The days wereView full post »



Spring, she is waited for, and beckons out of winter slumber, dressed in her new green grass andView full post »


In the front seat of my car

We sit here, in the front seat of the car, entertaining each other while waiting for our boys. In aView full post »


Leaves of Gratitude

Down on my knees, Amongst the wind-strewn leaves, This is where I see best. Here, leaves and gratitude litter theView full post »



I hope they learned that winning isn’t everything… I hope they learned this: That some people will alwaysView full post »


good morning sun

Good Morning, mailbox… Good Morning, sun… Good Morning mist, basking in the sun… GoodView full post »


{rain falls angry on a tin roof}

I picture us standing there together alone in the middle of a field, sparkling in dew that never wets our toes, andView full post »



It’s always happens like this, the realization. In the chaos of morning, I make the turn andView full post »


to be still again

I just finished cutting up 3 melons 2 pounds of strawberries and a pineapple. I baked banana breadView full post »


The heart of a Man

A grumpy monotone voice comes from the backseat, a snappy comment to his brother. Hush… NotView full post »


the gift: to witness

5:00. It comes early. My fingers fumble for the button. I think I ask, Is your alarm on? And from deep within sleep, IView full post »


place of peace

Today, I am so grateful for this place of peace amidst the chaos of my life. How ’boutView full post »