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Make Good Choices

i spied him through the drive-thru window… dark-rimmed glasses sat heavy on the bridge of hisView full post »


Hello August

hello, august. you’ve been dangling in front of me, the golden carrotView full post »


March On, #StrongGirl, March On

Alice::  How long is forever? White Rabbit::  Sometimes, just one second. ― Lewis Carroll, Alice inView full post »



did you happen to see the movie Twilight? the part where bella falls into a deep depression afterView full post »


The Breaking of Rose Colored

goodness. is it march already? i opened my email one day last week and found a short message from my blog friendView full post »


1440 {116} :: hello

psst….   hello?   i hope you are having a lovely holiday season… that yourView full post »


1440 {115} :: on hold

if you are from anywhere near here, you probably recognize this space. it’s beautiful,View full post »


1440 {114} :: 25 Ways To Be Kind To Your Spouse…

…That You May Not Have Already Thought Of 1.  Give a him a foot massage {head massage, backView full post »


1440 {113} :: Fall Break

golden litter aye. it’s been a year. and the season goes by soView full post »


12/31 & 1440 {112} :: Kindness In Marriage

  kindness might be the single most important thing inView full post »


11/31 & 1440 {111} :: Kindness And Those You Love

there’s an expression that goes something like, we treat those we love the worst. i wasView full post »


10/31 :: Make Your Heart Beat Wildly

|| o n e. || there is not one fiber in my being that is interested in jumping off 23 foot cliffs into the coolView full post »


9/31 :: {Pause} Inner Circle, Part 2, and The Power of Kindness

A small act of your kindness can change a life. And you might never even know it.    Johann Berlin considers theView full post »


8/31 :: Kindness to Self

Source: promulgates it’s saturday, and i have a heaping plate load of things toView full post »


7/31 & 1440 {110} :: Kindness & A Daily Retreat

i used to ‘reward’ myself at the end of the day… constantly encouraging myself,View full post »