10/31 :: Make Your Heart Beat Wildly


|| o n e. ||
there is not one fiber in my being that is interested in jumping off 23 foot cliffs into the cool waters of Cherokee Lake. not one. it will never happen. it’s not fear of heights nor lack of courage that keeps me from this accomplishment; i am just NOT.INTERESTED. not even interested in bragging rights. not gonna happen. no way, no how. not ever.


|| t w o. ||
also? not interested in running a marathon. not ever. lots of admiration and respect for those who have and those who will… just not my thing. i like my knees. and i like being able to walk. and i don’t want to hate running any more than i already do… all that being said, i will never. never ever. run a marathon.

kindness to one’s self is not only the lack of things unkind. it is the beautiful, nurturing acts of goodness… things that allow your spirit to breathe, AND… things that excite you and give you fuel for the future, energy {and space and joy enough} to be kind and nurturing to others.

it is so very important to do something that makes your heart beat wildly. something that you dreamed of, something that you worked for, something that is out of the ordinary, something that does grant you bragging rights… something that’s a little edgy, or outrageous, that requires at least a bit of courage… something that curls your toes and makes you smile.

what will that be for you? 

is it starting a business?
practicing an art?
painting your front door kelly green?

is it traveling to a new place?
wearing something risky?
trying a new haircut?

is it throwing away something heavy that you’ve carried with you all these years?
saying hello to a stranger?
reaching out to someone in need? adopting a pet?

is it granting grace to someone who has actively, though ignorantly, hurt you?

is it taking a chance on love?


what will your brave heart lead you to accomplish?


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Emily - October 15, 2014 - 1:48 pm

Beautiful… as always…

Kim S - October 16, 2014 - 11:28 am

I love this. No cliff jumping or marathons for me either. I am in the process of a potential career move and the stress of decision making is upon me. Thanks…good timing as usual. Beautiful photos, too.

Buckeroomama - October 17, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Such gorgeous, gorgeous colors!

9/31 :: {Pause} Inner Circle, Part 2, and The Power of Kindness

A small act of your kindness can change a life. And you might never even know it. 


Johann Berlin considers the following in this  TED talk:

Who are you kind to?

No act is too small

Don’t lose hope



8/31 :: Kindness to Self


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it’s saturday, and i have a heaping plate load of things to do… clean house, for one. edit pics, pick up my daughter from a sleep-over, clean up the kitchen, tend the laundry that’s already summer-saulting… and then there’s our beloved UT {Tennessee, not Texas, y’all} game. so i’m treating myself with kindness in two ways: i’m starting off with my sit-down coffee {not the cup that i carry from chore to chore}, and i’m writing this post. because this IS something i enjoy.

today, i thought i might share some internet-love links with you…

|| o n e . ||  40 Ways To Practice Self-Kindness {Huffington Post}

|| t w o. ||  9 Steps To Mindful Breathing and Rest

|| t h r e e. ||  22 Examples of SocialMedia Kindness

|| f o u r. ||

12 Steps To Self Care

|| f i v e. ||  The Magic of Kindness



and on pinterest ::

|| s i x. ||

THIS board of beautiful kindness quote pins

|| s e v e n. ||

THIS board with more quotes

|| e i g h t. ||

and lastly, my two boards on kindness… THIS one

|| n i n e.||

and THIS board of printables about kindness.

Southern Gal - October 11, 2014 - 6:08 pm

Ah, when I read the list I can see where I’m not always kind to myself. Thanks for the reminder. i hope you enjoy your game!

Roxi - October 13, 2014 - 3:36 pm

This is sooo good. Thanks.

7/31 & 1440 {110} :: Kindness & A Daily Retreat

i used to ‘reward’ myself at the end of the day… constantly encouraging myself, if you get this {this, this and this} done, then you can … {read} {take your camera up to the field} {scrapbook} {watch that show} {knit} {take a long bath} {get coffee with her tomorrow} {insert that little thing which you love to do}. the problem was, even when i was able to get that list checked off, i rarely had the time or energy for my self-proclaimed reward.

then i decided that getting my family off to start their days successfully was enough of an excuse for an early morning reward. so as soon as the house is quiet again, sometimes as early as 6:30am, i start a load of laundry, get the dishes out of the sink, and then claim my reward.:)usually a cup of coffee and a favorite blog, sometimes a quick adventure with my camera, sometimes morning news and my latest crocheting project… snuggled up in my bed with a cup of coffee, steam rising and fragrancing my room with that warm, earthy scent… the perfect kindness retreat. it is a soft moment in what usually ends up being a chaotic day in our busy lives, and it is so refreshing, so rewarding that it actually motivates me through the day. i still get my list checked off; i just tend to do it with a much better, much more pleasant and much less resentful attitude. {this gift of kindness to myself ends up being a gift of kindness to my family, doesn’t it?}

allow yourself a daily kindness retreat… something small, something you love to help you through the day. it might be a cup of coffee brought in to work, a lunchtime walk with a favorite co-worker, meeting your spouse in the middle of the day, a quiet walk through your favorite boutique… 30 mins to read or bathe or practice your art. it will nurture your spirit and provide you with the fuel you need to be present for and kind to others.



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Roxi - October 10, 2014 - 8:41 pm

Great advice. Days do go better if there is a little self nurturing.

Diane - October 11, 2014 - 6:04 am

Resentment; I found myself thinking about this the other day and now I stumble upon your post and there it is again… Message received! I have a lot of it bottled up, I must deal with it before it breaks me.

[…] Kindness & A Daily Retreat and Kindness to Self – Finding Serendipity. Interestingly enough, my Coach recently emailed me back and one of the things she asked me was how I’m practicing self-care right now. I really think that the biggest way I am kind to myself – and my daily retreat is that hour or so I spend writing every morning. Somewhat ironically, the timing of that hour prompted the question. *Said as I yawn because I got up after sleeping for just 2 hours so I could go to a photography meet-up* […]

6/31 :: Be Kind To Yourself

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i don’t think most of us even realize how UNKIND we are to ourselves. we neglect our bodies, we ignore our spirits, we don’t have time for self-improvement.  we talk ugly to ourselves all.day.long. i don’t know why we think we can continue to nurture those around us, when we don’t take care of the vehicle we need to do so.

we need to nourish and exercise our bodies so we have the strength and endurance to care for others. we need to create, to practice fellowship with others, to dream, to pray, to give ourselves time so that we have the desire to care for others. we need to learn, to read, to attend church services, to practice so that we are capable of caring for others.

and we certainly don’t need to bully ourselves anymore.



courtesy of Tracy Villaume
Tracy Villaume and her daughter Emma.

For her #30DayDetox, Tracy Villaume, 43, is going to give up saying anything negative about herself — especially in front of her daughter. “My daughter is 5 years old and yesterday told me that she thinks she is getting fat (she is tiny),” she told us. “I could only surmise that the question comes from my constant angst and negative verbalization about the way that I look.” So for the next 30 days, Tracy is going to focus on stopping herself before saying anything bad about her own body.  [www.today.com]

She reported after an early checkin, “I audibly said that I looked lousy,” she told TODAY. “I immediately turned around, not knowing if she caught it…but I got her attention and I paid the penalty I set for myself, and I told her three nice things about the way that I thought I looked.”

Since starting the detox, Tracy’s realized that what she says doesn’t always reflect how she feels about herself, but has simply become a habit, which has been tough to break. But she hopes this new awareness can help her make a change — one that’s lasts beyond these 30 days: “I’m way more focused.” [www.today.com]

At the end of the 30 day detox, Tracy reported that she felt better about herself, she felt more relaxed and had more time.

it occurred to me, after following this story, that we probably don’t even realize how often we speak negatively about ourselves, both aloud and to ourselves. as Tracy reported, it’s simply a habit. {and we are teaching it to our children!} 

i have two challenges for you today: 

|| o n e ||  notice your own negative language and thoughts. how much of your day is occupied by self-inflicted negativity?

|| t w o ||  cease. stop speaking unkindly to yourself and about yourself for the remainder of our 31 days together. {my guess is this will have such a positive affect that you will continue to let go of the negative self-speech after that, too.}

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